Today's tool is a great addition to the start of a new project or to an evaluation talk with employees. If you are recruiting, the questions below might also help you know what you should provide people with in order to help them flourish in the team. 

This short interview provides an unconditional context where you allow each team member to think critically about their skill set and to put some (light) pressure on you and on themselves. If you haven't got time to conduct individual interviews, we suggest you email these questions out as a short questionnaire:

  1. Looking ahead at the coming six months in this team, what would you like to learn during that period?

  2. What areas have been the most difficult for you to understand so far?

  3. What would be an ideal way for you to acquire the skills or knowledge you mention in question one?

Once you've done this with everyone on the team, it is up to you to figure out if and how you can cater to their learning needs. You don't have to grant their every wish, but you need to take some action and keep them in the loop so they understand your actions. 

Tomorrow we will provide you with a tool to help you act on their answers in a systematic way.