Having a daily course that's all about doing can take the steam out of the most motivated learner. Keep in mind that you should view all exercises as tools ready to be used in the future. Regardless, we thought we should give you chance to reflect on what you have learned so far and to spend a few minutes on introspection. These questions might help:

  1. Think of a great leader you have encountered - they could be fictional or just someone you read about. How would you describe what kind of leader they are?

  2. What's your vision when it comes to building a team?

  3. Do you model the behavior you want other people to perform? If so, how?

  4. Can people on the team see that you are passionateĀ and engaged in your work? How do you show this?

  5. In what way does your own motivation affect people on the team and their motivation?

Tomorrow we'll start learning about how to challenge your team!