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Facilitate a Co-Creative Workshop


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April 20, 2016

You have probably been sitting there, at a brainstorming session. The facilitator throws her arms up in the air and says "here we go". But the energy is low.

You and your peers don't really understand why you were invited or even the purpose of this "brainstorming".

After the meeting, you leave feeling like those 2 hours were a waste of time. If you are the one facilitating the workshop, you'll wonder what went wrong? Why are people so bad at co-creation and brainstorming?

With this course you can stop all of that!

With this course you'll learn preparations and techniques that will:

  • give the participants and you as a facilitator a great workshop experience;

  • make people want to do more;

  • get people to be more creative together;

  • develop solutions and ideas that you can not anticipate in advance.

Sign up now and learn how to facilitate a workshop that participants will remember and enjoy!

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