Ok, so now you’ve facilitated the workshop.

Every part of you itches to get crackin', you want to get started with all the ideas! Yes! But, wait!

Do not edit the ideas to early on. Try to keep them “raw”.

And by raw, I do not mean that they are not explained. There is a huge difference between an edited and an explained idea.

Think of it like this: an explained idea is an idea that you can explain to someone. No matter the media involved or what sort of way, or how you explain it. Perhaps you work with “napkin-sketches” or just colorful sticky notes. Either way, the idea is possible to be explained to an outsider.

The edited idea, on the other hand, is an idea that is changed or developed beyond its original state. Which in this case, is the state the participants left it at the workshop you facilitated. 

So what if you change the ideas directly after the workshop? What's the big deal? Well. There might be a slight risk of you alienating the participants' connection, or loosing its core value.

What you want to do instead, is to thematize and group the whole set of ideas that came out of your workshop! And you also want your participants to be able to contribute or to take part of that process. In the next bit I will explain ways of how to thematize and group with others.