When you facilitate a workshop, you need to take care of all the distractions and anticipate situations that could give the workshop a negative impact.

Try to address them based on the following key elements of a workshop:

  • Human needs

  • Material and items

  • Location or venue

  • Time

Set up a checklist based on the above to make sure you wont miss anything, start off with your self and all your experience of workshops. Whats your needs? Light surrounding? Nice and fresh air? Coffee? Wifi? Notebooks? Nice welcome? Soft start? Fighting shyness, need a reason to interact with others? Name tags?

Your turn:

Put the categories above on the wall and start putting up post-its under each category.

Use 3-5 minutes now and then to calibrate and update your preparations board. This will make you focus on remembering those unnecessary mishaps during the workshop.

Letting someone be without food or beverage because you didn’t ask for preferences or allergies ahead is really unnecessary for your otherwise great workshop!

Let someone check your preparations board and ask them if they would miss anything? An extra pair of eyes are always a great help.