Some ideas are wacky. Some ideas can seem obvious. But they could also be linked, in a way that you need to understand and discover. This is what you do when you thematize and group. You arrange for new insights to develop! Or even new ideas.

Look at the whole spectrum of ideas, and see if you can discover any underlying connection or themes.

If you can, let one or several of the participants from the workshop join you in this job. If there are many ways in which ideas can be grouped together, make it happen. Support different ways of thinking, write new post its! If new ideas are born at this time, good for you!

Do not constrict any new thinking. 

A good way of doing this is also, if you have the time, at the workshop. You could set it up to be a second part of the workshop. This will give all of your participants a feeling and understanding of the whole process. You might even need an extra session to get more insights or discover more ways of thematizing. 

The first ideas from a workshop might be signals or insights that you need to address.

If you only look at the ideas flat on, you might miss out on exciting new insights. Give it time, and don't stress it. Try to let even more people react and discover new insights from your ideas, set them up at a public space at the office. Let people write new stuff. Don't be afraid to invite “strangers”, or non-participants from the workshop, to contribute. 

And now. You have a massive amount of material, ideas, insights and concept to work on! Amazing! You also have participants from your workshop who had a great time and great fun. At best they are inspired, got new energy and encouraged to contribute with ideas in other forums. Good job!

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