Your mornings may be crazy, but breakfast turns out to be the most underutilized opportunity to set a healthy eating routine.

Does your child skip breakfast?

When is the first occasion they can break their fast?

What food is available to them then?

Drinking may be easier than eating for your child early in the morning.

Today prepare a drinkable breakfast for your child.

-A cup of fruits (fresh or frozen)
-Half a cup of plain yoghurt or preferred type milk
-Optional: spoonful of maple syrup or honey
-Blend. Serves 2

Your turn:

If you are thinking: It is hard to get them out of bed. Instead of offering them something to eat when they do not want to, I need to get them ready and out the door

Try this instead: We can spend a minute assembling the smoothie. One gulp is easier than chewing and does a whole lot of good.

Involving children in the process of food planning shopping and preparation means they have a chance to touch, smell and play with the new food, so they will be more likely to put it into their mouth and actually taste, try and eat it.

How to involve kids in Smoothie creation?

Ask them:
What fruits shall we use for the smoothie? Bonus tip: Choosing one from two available fruits is still involving.
Would you like to watch the blender turning? Watch for safety!
Would you like to create a special combination? Peanut butter and jelly?
What shall we name our creation? Magic Potion?
Would you like to boost your smoothie power? Try it with oats, protein powder, peanut almond hazelnut butter, flax or chia seeds.

In our next bit, we will look at balancing breakfast.

Feed well,