If you are thinking: I find these changes counter-intuitive and inconvenient. Why shall I change how I eat or pretend to involve my child in food decisions and preparations? When they do not eat healthy, I need a new recipe not a suggestion for an unreasonable effort.

Try this instead: I am learning how this works. I offer my children food, but they manage their body’s relationship to eating. When my children make food-related choices outside the home, it is a particularly good moment to realize that my changes are getting results. Healthier feeding is not just about what they are eating now, it is about what kind of choice makers they become when it comes to food.

Our most influential and shocking, favorite ☺A-ha moment: A little boy we know surprised not just us but a whole classroom when offered cupcakes to celebrate graduation. He enthusiastically licked the vanilla cream off the cupcake, took a bite from the cake itself, and left the rest on the table. Since every other child finished, the teacher urged him to eat the rest, to which he announced loud and clear so everybody could hear: “I am not going to finish, I do not like it, it is too sweet for my taste!”

As much as you are succeeding here, your child will have a better chance at living a longer, healthier, happier life. You are providing for him and her, and on occasion really enjoy doing it together.

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Feed well,