It is time to check out what kind of bread you have in the house. Let’s read the ingredients label. What kind of flours does it contain? What kind of sweeteners? How much salt? What preservatives and colors?

The term “enriched wheat flour” means the bran and the germ containing essential nutrients as well as the fiber that aids digestion and helps moderate blood sugar hikes have all been removed to increase shelf life and prevent bugs. 

Today choose whole grain bread instead. See if you can find one with different grains (oat, rye, spelt) added or experiment with seeds on top of the bread. See if your choice has less sugar and salt added?

Stores carry a full spectrum of breads, from lowest quality to highest.

Bread comes in many shapes, from bread sticks to pita, as well as types, from banana bread to raisin bread to walnut and sunflower seed bread to different grains such as oat, spelt, rye, rice, teff, kamut, millet, quinoa. Once your children enjoy these, there is no going back. They will wonder how they could have ever eaten the boring refined type.

Your turn:

If you are thinking: My child will only eat bread if it’s white. Period.

Try this instead: If I make toast or French toast out of the bread, it’s harder to tell if it was white or had color when I started.

What is an easy way to go about upgrading bread?

One likely shortcut to better bread without baking it yourself is to buy it in a local bakery. Toward the end of the day, bakery prices may be reduced. Some grocery stores will operate a bakery on site. Freshly baked will probably have less preservatives than the prepackaged ones. Buy a half loaf first to taste.

Upgrading is addictive

Has any of the upgrading made your children want to experiment more? Maybe they didn’t like the upgraded cereal or bread, so they want to choose yet a different one. Maybe they saw a classmate’s lunchbox containing something they would like to experiment with. Did you make a new discovery (“ketchup also contains high fructose corn syrup!”) while you looked at your pantry? Now you want to go and change that too. Salad dressings, energy bars, cake mixes, breakfast waffles or pop tarts, chicken nuggets, hot dogs are all good candidates for upgrading.

Next we will talk about the most underutilized tool for healthy feeding.

Feed well,