Work & Career / Psychological arguments for and against boredom

Fighting and Accepting Boredom

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February 28, 2017

With over a third of the workforce feeling disengaged at work, boredom is a real threat if we're planning on living a fully engaged life. And in spite being glued to our smartphones in search for entertainment on the daily, boredom is still something most of us feel in our everyday life. That feeling might sneak in when we're spending time at yet another pointless staff meeting. Or when we're waiting for a friend. Or when we're waiting in the checkout line

This course will teach you all about what it means to be bored, how it differs from stress, what the long term consequences are and what harm boredom brings. We'll also discuss whether there are any upsides to boredom. Spoiler – there are.

If you often feel trapped in a boring state and want to know how to handle it, then this course is for you. We'll show you the benefits of being bored (according to research, of course) and how you can reap them.

Sounds interesting?