Work & Career / Identify and develop your purpose to make sure you live a life of no regrets.

Find your why, by Tim Jones - The Grow Good Guy


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December 12, 2017

Stop living your life on other peoples terms, don't live a life of regret. Make the change and step into a life of meaning and contribution!

Deep down we are all looking for a purpose. We are all looking for connection and meaning. We want to know that we are contributing to something meaningful and that our very existence on this blue dot has meaning.

But that idea has been hijacked by the modern world where we are sucked into the consumerist society and the Hedonic treadmill that ultimately leads to living a life of regrets.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Victor Frankl’s experience was an extreme one for sure. A survivor of the holocaust he had first-hand experience as to the importance of purpose for survival. 

His observation was clear, those that survived the extreme conditions that he was subjected to were the ones that had something to live for.  

It is hard and messy to compare any experience like his to where you are now, however as a species we are certainly on the cusp of having to think about our collective survival. 

Over this course explore what is stopping you from finding your purpose, work out where to start looking for it and finish off by gaining some clarity on how you can express purpose and meaning in your life.

Why do I need a purpose?

A purpose is an antidote to much of the ills of modern life. Depression, anxiety, stress, in particular, are easy to dispel when you have a purpose. Beyond that living a life of purpose has many benefits:

  • Be free from mental concern;

  • Leave a real legacy;

  • Connect with yourself and your fellow humans on a deeper level;

  • Increased levels of optimism and resilience;

  • Live and work in harmony with your true beliefs;

  • Contribute to creating a better world for more people;

  • Enter and maintain a state of flow more regularly;

  • Gain and maintain higher levels of happiness and contentment.

Once you start getting a taste for it, the purpose is highly contagious. Those that get it cannot go back to their previous levels of existence. They are super beings of abundance and impact.

So be prepared! If you want to stay stuck in a life of mediocrity, driven by other peoples ideas, and end up living a life of regret stop reading right now.

If you are up for a life of purpose then welcome!

Who is The Grow Good Guy?

I'm Tim and I live in Aotearoa New Zealand. I'm the founder of Grow Good, a Certified B Corp that wants to make the world a better place for more people. I'm a husband and father to a little daughter and am committing my life to ensure that she gets to inherit a world that is worthy of humanity.

That’s because I believe in a world where every human thrives, contributes fully and is free from major concern. Where we all live in a manner that is regenerative to the planet that we call home.
Everybody craves connection and wants to know that what they do of a day and ultimately that their life mattered. That they made a contribution.

My why is to liberate as many people that I can that are stuck in a life that is killing them, their family and the planet. To lead people to purpose so that they can live that full life of no regrets, in service of something bigger than themselves and co-create the future planet that will support all of us.

Sounds interesting?