Most of us remain a prisoner to the earliest ideologies we are exposed to. Now that you have
highlighted what some of these “normal” beliefs are we will look at how these ideologies get
maintained and how you can keep a check for them in the rear-view mirror from now on. 

The obvious example of bias is the Facebook effect. You are only being shown what it thinks
you need to be shown, what it thinks will engage you. That generally means conflicting ideas
or thoughts to yours won't pop up.
We are all subject to both conscious and unconscious bias and it again works as a self-preservation

We are bombarded with so much information every day that we have to
process and react to this. Bias and prejudices help the lizard brain filter information and keep
us informed as to the relative danger around us. 

The problem is that this can lead to lazy
thinking that keeps us trapped in old patterns in a life, that we don’t want without
us being aware this is happening.

We make decisions based on emotions but we defend them with logic. Most of our decision
making is carried out subconsciously and around 90% of our behaviour is controlled by our subconscious. 

We make decisions without checking for any inherent prejudice or bias that we carry.
Your individual bias is then reinforced by bias in your work, community, ethnic group, religious
group etc.
By being aware of the bias that you hold you can now see what self-limiting beliefs are holding
you back from living life on your terms.

Have a look here for a list of different biases. Which 3 - 5 are the ones that you recognise as influencing your thoughts? How has that affected you?