Regret of the dying #5 is “I wish I had let myself be happier”. That’s sad, isn’t it? It seems
though, that from an early age we are programmed not to seek happiness but to seek to be or
do what is normal or that we are “meant” to do. 

And for most of us that kind of experience rings true on some level. We are moulded from an
early age to choose a career path that will lead us to be “successful”, but we have 70% of
people disengaged at work. 

We spend time working in jobs most of us dislike at best, creating
a world we don’t want. So, something is clearly amiss here.
Then remember how we try and fill that void on the Hedonic treadmill? That’s why we struggle
to find happiness.

The ancient Greeks were the first to put a concept out there to describe
happiness and that word was ironically “hedonism”. The pursuit of pleasure. For them
happiness was the goal for all humans to achieve. 

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." Aristotle

Happiness is a large part of purpose as those that are living in purpose are generally more content. That being said though many people only see happiness in their future, and it’s a mistake to
think that happiness is the goal in itself, as happiness often comes when least expected and indeed it
is mainly in the happiness of pursuit. Happiness is also relative.

Reflect for a few minutes on what makes you happy. How many times have you been happy, this week or month? Take time over this next week to heighten your awareness of
what makes you happy.