There is also the concept of Hyper-normalisation – where something is so much a part of the world that you can no longer see around or beyond it.  

Normalisation is driven from so many places. Parents, school, peers, society, the media, corporations and their advertising. Working 8 - 5 and a 40-hour week is NORMAL.  

Spending the money you don’t own to buy a newer car and a bigger house that traps you in that 40-hour week is NORMAL. 

Putting your kids in day-care 5 days a week from 7 - 5 is NORMAL. 

Eating quick, poor quality food because you are busy is NORMAL. 

Buying fast fashion is NORMAL.

Giving kids shitty sugary food. NORMAL - you are a bad parent if you don’t give them this!!  

TV is the epitome of normalisation - the norm of competition rather than collaboration, putting people down, bringing out the worst in them - Survivor, Big Brother, The Real Housewives etc.

It leaves you, comfortably numb, spending $$ on things you don’t really need and barely want. We pay for convenience, the quick fix, and hope to fill the void that this causes. 

It's KILLING YOU, your family and the planet, but it doesn’t have to be like this. 

Take a digital detox, read books. Engage in critical thinking. Ask what you want to achieve, what would make you happy but not at the expense of the planet or other people. 

When you see this normalised stuff going on, ask why? Seek the truth, work out what you believe about topics. If you think something is broken seek out solutions. Ask what if instead of A we did B? How could I help make that happen? I know it seems overwhelming, so pick one small thing that you can start to change.