What is normal? What a great question! There are so many things that we take for granted as “normal”, only because we are told they are normal. Once that we know we are doing things that don’t support the world we want, we need to work out how we are being made to do that. Most likely’ it’s because you are told that not acting that way means you are not “one of us”.  

We are subjected to numerous forms of normalisation in our everyday lives. What has been normalised in your world – what are the behaviours, attitudes, beliefs that are considered ok? Ah yes, but I’ve always been a…. insert Ideology/dogma and tradition here.

What are the ideas that you hold onto because you have been told you need to? For years after I left school I ate lunch at 13:00. Because for 12 years I had done that. Eating at midday would be weird! 

What prejudices do you carry because of your upbringing, peer groups, society? 

We are really quick to throw labels at people who do things differently. Instead, though we should always seek to find the similarities. Never forget that at the end of the day we are all just human beings trying to navigate a path in life. We all have that in common.  

Reflect for a few minutes. What are some things in your world that you think are normal? Over the next week or two talk to your colleagues, peers, friends and family and see how much of what you feel to be normal is the same for others.