True success lies in long-term and more consistent happiness. In fact, above a certain level of material wellbeing, more money and more stuff DOES NOT mean more happiness. 

Once you get to a certain level of material well-being, more money doesn’t make you happier. Indeed, for most of us money doesn’t actually motivate us. 

As Dan Pink shows in his book  “Drive” money is a motivator up to the point that money is no longer a concern for people. After that three things are key to people being fulfilled: • Autonomy • Mastery • Purpose.

Real success is in the expression, creation and achievement of ideas that match your intrinsic value set not the purchase of stuff driven by extrinsic driven consumption. Just compare what we are chasing in the current definition of success versus what we need in our lives as described by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs: 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 

Physiological = Breathing, food, sleep, excretion, sex
Safety = Security of employment, health, property, resources
Love = Friendship, family, sexual intimacy
Esteem = Self-esteem, confidence, respect of others, for others, by others.
Self-Actualisation = Morality, creativity, lack of prejudice, spontaneity 

My theory is that the more people we get to a self-actualised state, the better world we will have. 

Lasting success comes in the form of contributing to something that is bigger than yourself, a true legacy. Seek to be the best for the world, not the best in the world. Aim to make an impact at the same time. Get out of the extractive exploitative path to success. 

Where are you on Maslow's Hierarchy? Are you chasing the right success in life? What does legacy mean to you?