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March 11, 2016

I have noticed that many find it difficult to prioritize. 

We have our to-do list, we have a decent overview of all the things we need to do, and we empty our inboxes (both physical and metaphorical) on a regular basis, but what is the right thing to do next? And if something lands on my desk, does it mean that I have to deal with it right away rather than continue doing what I was working on? 

This course is for you if you are ambitious,  have the best intentions, say “yes” to others more than what might be good for you in the long-run, and then have to suffer the consequences of doing so. It is also for all of you who want to prioritize consciously and be able to accept or decline offers and requests without regrets. Prioritization is more a skill than a talent, and we can all do a handful of things to make it easier for ourselves to prioritize deliberately and accurately – not only do what might feel good and seem appropriate at the moment but what will be beneficial in the long-run as well. 


Said about the course:

"Enjoyed every single lesson, got time to try three of the exercises but looking to implement at least two more of them. Love David's system"

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