Well done, we are done for now! During the past two weeks you have gotten a new tool every day, which hopefully has already helped you prioritize more accurately and consciously, and move one or several steps closer to reaching your goals. 

Before we say goodbye for now, I want to remind you once again of the phenomenon that we tend to choose to do what appears urgent first, what is stressing us out the most or what is laying heavily on our conscience, rather than doing what is actually important. 

It is easy to fill our days with completing urgent tasks, regardless what they might be. This means that there is little or no time left to work on the things that are not yet urgent, until they too really are urgent. Not until they are the things weighing down our conscience do we seem to have time for them. 

The great benefit of prioritizing consciously is therefore that it helps us choose to do the right thing by keeping our attention away from what might be the “wrong” thing to spend time on right now. If there is one thing I would want you to remember and implement after taking this course it is to prioritize by how important something is as opposed to how urgent it is or seems. 

When you now, if you did not already, know what goals you want or are responsible for attaining, it will be easier to determine what tasks are important and you will prioritize accurately, wholeheartedly and with a clear conscience.