In this last installment of the course, we’ll discuss the importance of starting to improve your posture today. 

See, every day that you’re not moving, you’re missing out, because your body adapts to the things you do or don’t do (which in this case is not moving). 

A teacher of mine once said: "Move it, or you’ll lose it."

And while it sounds like a wise Chinese proverb, it is actually true. Your body and your posture are the result of the last 10-20 years of your movement habits.

If you’ve been sitting for 8-10 hours every day for the last 10 years, your body will look and perform like that.

As we’ve learnt in the last few emails, our bodies were meant to move and the muscular system is quite complex, but adaptable.

The dark, but simple truth is: If you don’t start with improving your posture today, it will only get more difficult with time.

So start with a few massage exercises for your neck or your upper back. Go stretch your hip flexors during the work day. Try something like Posture Coach and do some exercises when you’re working at a desk.

Your body will thank you.

And you know what? You’ll not only perform better in your daily life, such as when you have to tie your shoes or pick up your keys. You’ll also feel better, radiate more self-confidence with your posture and live a more creative and fulfilled life.

Get started today and let me know how it goes!

Yours in health and good posture,


Creator of bitehype and Posture Coach