In the last few emails, we talked about anything from the anatomy of your upper and lower body, to why massage is really import to loosen up tense muscles and how to do it. We then looked at exercises for the upper and the lower body, which help us strengthen the muscles in the right places to keep a good posture.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you either work in an office or at least in an office environment (working from home or a coffee shop).

My suggestion here would be to simply switch between desks if you can, or get creative. What does this mean specifically?

That means switch your desk every 1 to 2 hours and change the position you work in. 


- Start with 1 hour of standing;

- Switch to 5-10 minutes of squatting;

- Stand up and walk to get some water or go to the toilet;

- Sit for 1 hour.

and repeat this cycle 2 times.

The times in the above protocol aren’t set in stone, nor specifically designed for you, but they are meant to give you a pointer in the right direction.

What if you don’t have a standing desk or can’t squat?

Then you need to be creative. If your boss doesn’t allow you to work in a standing position (or doesn’t organize some standing desk to rotate), talk to him/her about the importance of rotating desks. It not only helps your body to move, it also makes you more productive and more creative. Switching work places has been shown to increase creativity, so why not use this fact as an argument?

A cheap alternative is the LACK table from IKEA (already previously mentioned ) to create your own standing and squatting desk.

Another solution would be an app that I created with a two friends, called Posture Coach. It’s a simple Mac app that reminds you to do different exercises throughout the day, to keep it moving. 

This is how it looks:

The gifs and the texts that you saw previously are actually partly taken from the app!

Give it a go if you’re interested, it’s a fairly cheap way to stay healthy and take care of your posture!

Yours in health and good posture,


Creator of bitehype and Posture Coach