In the last email we looked at all the tools that are needed to loosen up our tight muscles. You don’t need a whole lot: a foam roller, a tennis or lacrosse ball and some regularity in your program.

Today, we’ll look at how you can use those tools to easily loosen up your muscles in your upper body, so that you can improve your posture easier. 

Remember: Just training tight muscles isn’t going to help, you first have to loosen them up and then work on the proper movement patterns.

There are three parts that are important for now (there is of course more, but this is out of the scope for this email course): Your neck, chest and upper back. 

Let’s get started with the neck: Take your lacrosse ball and try to reach all the neck muscles on both sides as well as about 45 degrees from the front and back.

In these images I’m using a different type of ball, but it works the same way with a tennis or lacrosse ball would; you just have to elevate it. 

Spend around 3-5 min on each side and really ease into it. Pain is not good, but discomfort is. 

Next up is the chest:

The idea here is that you move your arm behind your back to really expose the part where your chest connects to your shoulder

Again this can feel a bit uncomfortable, but really try to breathe into it. Give it another 3-5 min for each side. 

Last but not least, we’ll make sure that our entire upper body is relaxed by foam rolling it. This is how it looks:

Close your arms in front of you and round your upper back to really get into the foam roller. 

Try to lean on one side for a good minute and then the other.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the exercise for the lower body.

Yours in health and good posture,


Creator of bitehype and Posture Coach