Maybe you think the content of this course is too easy? Maybe you've already gone through all of this and you know exactly where to find your data or you've worked with Google Analytics for a while and you're interested in taking the next step?

If so, we heartily recommend the following resources:

Occam's Razor - A blog by Avinash Kaushik.

We don't know what the IQ level of this guy is, but if we did, we'd probably be scared. If you know him, please tell him we'd give anything to see him in Sweden. Avinash writes insightful blog entries that are recommended reading for Google Analytics fundamentals on the topic of digital analytics.

ZMOT - Zero Moment of Truth

The ZMOT is an online-decision model developed by Google that explains how consumers act online based on stimuli. 

Google Analytics Academy

The best resource out there for getting the most out of your analytics experience, starting with the basics. This is a set of course everyone who wants to be a thought-leader within their specific field of digital marketing should take. Did we mention they're free of charge?

Google Analytics Blog

The official news resource for the latest & hottest in the field of digital analytics.

Market Motive

Learn digital marketing from Silicon Valley based industry experts! Market Motive helpsmarketers, agencies, and enterprise teams change their careers, lives, and businesses by providing the industry's most comprehensive digital marketing training.


If you find your head spinning with all the new opportunities that have appeared in during your excursion into the world of Google Analytics during the last few days then why not give the people at Resultify a call and we'll help you get it all sorted out!

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