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Growth by Design

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F8d1c49e0dfb248669bb86bce837f34e12900182 Leo Almeida


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5 minutes a day for 12 days

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April 24, 2017

There are many feelings that go on in the mind of the entrepreneur when it comes to hiring design services: How to communicate your needs in a clear way? How to find a great designer at an affordable price?

In the mini-course, we address and find solutions to common struggles, such as communicating with your designer and picking out talent from a sea of options, such as Fiverr or 99designs. This way you can make the most of good design, and grow your business based off of that.

A few takeaways:

- Understand how design can help your small business to build trust and grow.

- Identify areas in your business that needs improvements.

- Communicate clearly your needs to a designer.

- Find creative talents that are a great match to your project and fit your budget.

- See hand-picked case studies showcasing how new brands, packaging, or websites helped small businesses to grow. 

Part of the book Growth by Design.

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