Today's case study showcases how ENIOS, a Greek virgin olive oil, stood out on the shelves with a budget-friendly packaging. Project by Matadog Design.


Matadog Design was assigned to design a new Greek virgin olive oil that would stand out from the crowd. The design solution came up after conducting some researching into the product category. There were some clear trends we wanted to differentiate from. Our goal was to connect with the consumers, on the idea that something was missing from this category.


The solution was a highly-communicative label, that demands the consumer’s attention and asks them to take it home, with the promise that he or she will enjoy every drop. So, our main design element was a giant cycloptic eye. This sweet imagery came along with the word “Hi”, printed in white, in a large size. The graphic and the greeting work together, to engage the consumer, reinforced by the line, “I want to follow you.”


The design approach makes something that is difficult not to spot on the shop shelf. Two bottles positioned next to each other make for a familiar pair of peepers, complete with long eyelashes, massive irises, and a lively shine make it hard to pass by. As a startup company, production costs and practicality played key roles in this overall design solution. With a small initial production run, the labels were initially printed in vinyl, giving the client the flexibility to order small quantities.

Your turn:

Download the full ENIOS's case study, with images, and list three things a new packaging could bring to your brand.