Today we continue with the pros and cons of two other marketplaces to choose your freelance designer: Upwork and Crew. Enjoy!

Upwork - upwork.com

Upwork (formerly eLance-oDesk) is a freelancing platform for businesses to connect with professionals on a variety of different projects, and collaborate remotely. It is the world’s biggest freelancer marketplace, accounting for 3 million jobs posted annually, and generating a total of $1 billion. The winner of multiple awards, Upwork boasts 12 million freelancers as of June, 2016.

In the words of Upwork CEO, Stephane Kasriel: “It’s really awesome work--better work than you could find locally.”


Huge community of freelancers, so you’ll likely get a good quantity of bids and applicants to shortlist for your project.  


When applying, freelancers send lots of automated responses, and some barely read your job post. Make sure you include additional interview questions to your applicants, so you can filter through. Also, it isn’t a design-only community, so, when posting a project is up to you, write a great briefing and get the most out of your freelancer.  

Crew - crew.co

Crew is the entrepreneurs’ last hail mary before having to look for a “typical” agency. They are a vetted network of top-notch designers and developers, all of whom are matched with vetted and scoped projects, aiming, ultimately, to provide the best freelancing talent available. Crew has 700 active designers and developers, from employees at Dropbox, Google and Uber, to small agencies from NYC and Montreal. In 2016, they scoped $22M in projects budgets, and their claim to be “4x more affordable than a typical agency” is no small feat. Additionally, they offer project protection, in the form of an escrow, and independent reviews, in case things go wrong. Crew works with startups and entrepreneurs, as well as established businesses, such as Basecamp and Eventbrite.


Top notch professionals, who are carefully-vetted. Increased odds of a smooth-running project. Get the value of an agency, while paying less, and without the bureaucracies and meetings.


Costly for the bootstrapping entrepreneur, as the average project size is $10.000.

Hopefully, each marketplace is now a bit clearer to choose from and work within. With that said, now you know how and where to proactively begin your search for a new designer. Whether you’re wading through bids from the hundreds of available Upwork freelancers, or pitting top talent against each other for the purpose of your design on 99designs, there’s something for everyone out there. And, now, you know just where to look!

Your turn:

Now you know a few websites to find designers. Pick one that fits your budget and expectations between 99designs, Fiverr, Upwork or Crew. Then share your creative brief and get your project started!