Time to continue with part 2 of our design tips to help your small business build trust, so that you have the extra time and resources to develop your brand and grow your operation. Here it goes:

#2 Good design sets you apart from the competition.

Humility is a funny thing. Many businesses shy away from good design that would set them apart from their competition because they feel too exposed trying something different. In doing so, though, they fade into the crowd of similar companies out there. 

Anything you can to do make yourself more memorable, is more than just important. It’s crucial. People have less time to compare and choose between indistinguishable companies, all following the same design trends - or simply copycats of each other, hoping to make quick work out of their designs without considering the damage they're doing to their own reputations. Stand up and develop a unique image for your business. Give them something to talk about, and a reason to recommend your brand to other people, based on your captivating design alone. Don’t be afraid to differentiate and grow.

#3 Good design creates a good first impression.

First impressions last, and there’s nowhere this is truer than in the world of business. Seamless design that works the first time a user engages with it is critical to keeping that user. Think about Apple, Airbnb or Square. While you might think a visual aesthetic all over the place can’t hurt anybody, it’s whether or not your design works properly that will win or lose you that all-important business.

A bad first impression can be costly to overcome. Save yourself the time and money you’ll spend later by investing in good design the first time. It never fails - make a great first impression and new business is sure to follow.


In business, as in life, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Invest your time and resources into good design, at the start of your project, and you’ll see the benefits in no time. There’s so much you can do. Whether it’s revamping your social media presence, or redesigning your brand, this is what gives your small business its character. And considering this is the first time your future customers will typically be encountering you, it just makes sense to put your best foot forward. 

Make a few design changes, today, and see how they change your small business for the better.

Your turn:

Rate your current business' situation (0-5, where 0 is bad and 5 fantastic) in each of the three areas (inspiring confidence, image compared to the competition and first impression) and how you will improve it.