We’re almost there. Now that you’ve written down your hypothesis, let’s complete the last steps for you to be able to launch your experiment. Here they are:

7. Create two groups, one that will get the same treatment as usual (control group) and one that will get the new version. Remember vary only one variable in the test condition so you know what drove the results.

8. When it comes to selecting participants it is crucial that people are randomly assigned to different groups. For example, don’t put new customers in one group and old customers in the other group.

9. Last but not least, you should remember to take some time to reflect. Before the experiment you should write down what you expect will happen. Write down your predictions and try to plot the data. After the experiment you need to plot your data. Compare results to your prediction. Did the experiment support your hypothesis? Do you need further experimentation?

Last exercise – design an experiment
Choose one of the principles from the course, write down a hypothesis and define how you would test it. 

When you have planned your experiment, please answer these questions before launching it:

• Do I have a control condition? Do I have only one key variable between conditions?
• Do participants understand the key behavior that I want them to do? Do participants understand how to do the key behavior?
• Are my instructions clear?