To create the Path of Least Resistance for your product, reduce friction.  Two options for doing so:

Give no choice:

Apple sends an iPhone to iPhone message as an iMessage by default. There is no choice there on the part of the sender.

Give simpler choices:

  • Decrease the number of choices.

  • Make the choices easily understandable. For example, think about how many more people could understand storage space on a phone if it were listed in the number of photos or songs that could be saved on it, instead of in gigabytes, which is an abstract concept for many.

As far as tactics, here are a few options for you:

1. Pre-filled out options in a drop-down menu (OKCupid);

2. Pre-selected options (HelloFax - defaulting for newsletter sign-up)

3. Radio buttons (DropBox)

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.53.56 PM.png


Look at your sign-up flow. Is there a way you can default the whole sign-up experience?  That is, can you get your users into the full product as quickly as possible, maybe even in a couple of clicks?  That would be the ultimate Path of Least Resistance.

If you can’t default everything, go to your sign-up flow and circle every single input on each page. Then you should determine whether or not each input is necessary or defaultable. Our advice? Be brutal.

Irrationally yours,