Motivation may arise out of positive emotions such as inspiration, hope, expectation and curiosity. The MI-tools you have learned in this course are excellent to use for this purpose. 

The driving force for a person can be to achieve something positive by making concrete changes that lead to them feeling better and having a more satisfying life.

One way to bring motivation arising out of positive emotions may be by asking:

"If you make this change, what would be better, as you see it? How would you feel if the change is made?"

A similar approach may be to use visualizations. Ask the person to imagine and describe in as much detail as possible the situation that arises if the desired change has already occurred. Focusing on the future in this way can bring positive feelings of interest and curiosity. The procedure can also be a way to overcome the resistance of the people who stated that they are not ready for a change.

Today’s task
The next time you talk with a person who exhibits resistance to change themselves, try to trigger positive emotions in them. Try to get them to visualize how life would be if they had already undergone change.