Great job! Over almost a month, you have learned one small thing about Motivational Interviews (MI) every single day. I hope that the course has been useful and that it made you more interested in Motivational Interviewing.

Now, please take five minutes and evaluate what you have learned during the course. 

Write down three things that you will take with you from the course. 

Make an exercise plan and the MI elements you want to continue to practice. One tip is that you choose to practice one tool each week. Once you have gone through all the tools you are interested in, you can start over. This way you can practice continuously until you feel that you can apply MI without thinking about it.

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Again, thank you for attending the course!

Liria Ortiz, licensed psychologist and certified psychotherapist, supervisor and specialist in clinical psychology and a member of the MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers).