In MI, we primarily use open questions. They facilitate a person-centered approach and helps to build a good working relationship between the person and the interviewer.

Open questions begin with the interrogative: Which? How? What? Tell me about…

Open questions show that the interviewer is interested in how the person thinks and feels about the topic of conversation.

Closed questions often begin with the words Do you ...? or Is it / Are you ...? and aims to elicit yes or no responses or concrete information.

Examples of closed questions:

  • Are you going to leave your partner?

  • Does it feel good?

  • Did you feel fear?

Examples of open questions:

  • What will you do now when it comes to your partner?

  • What do you feel now?

  • How did you experience the situation?

Today’s task
Today you should ask the people you meet open questions. Write down five open questions that you should ask the people you meet in your work.