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As you know by now, creating a course takes some time. Some users manage to create one in a day, others work on it for weeks. If you really need to get your course out there, and are willing to pay to do so, you have the following options:

  1. Contact one of the freelancers in our network. We recommend you to start with Mickey Gast who handles topics like x, y and z. Click here to email her.

  2. Fill out our course form to get in touch with the content agency Contentor which will help you create a draft for your course for under €500.

  3. Email Julia Johansson at the agency Matter (one of our partners). Matter has a great experience working with global brands like Volvo, UN and Zlatan and thus charging a bit more for their services. You’ll get a course from them starting at €3.300.

So now you know there is a shortcut, that comes with a price tag. Tomorrow we’ll start with a writing exercise that will help if you decide to create the course yourself.