Default course

There are a few key ingredients that all courses on should have. One of the main ingredient is actionable content. We’re trying to create a service for learning and one of the best ways to learn is through doing. This is why I recommend to always finish each post with a small task. It could look like this:

“Today’s task
Think about a great exercise that you encountered recently. What did that exercise look like? Why was it such a great exercise? See if you can use it as inspiration when writing exercises of your own.”

If you can’t think of any exercise you can always ask the reader to reflect or discuss. Feel free to copy/paste these:

“Reflection time
Take a few minutes to reflect on what you just read. How will this small piece of knowledge affect your day?”

“Discuss with a coworker
Take a few minutes today to talk with your coworkers about what you just learned”.

Tomorrow it’s time for another writing exercise! YAY!