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We want to help you grow your business and that’s why you need to hear this: being too salesy pushy or braggy about your business will backfire.

We have no problem with course creators promoting what they do for a living but there are a few rules to do this:

  1. Always be open about who you are and where you work. Done right this will strengthen the image of you as an authority within your field.

  2. Don’t sell at first contact, earn the trust of the subscribers by making sure your course is high-quality and that they learn a lot right from the start.

  3. Make sure your promotion is relevant to the content of the course and particularly of the post you’re promoting in.

So if I were to use my own advice to promote my blog I would finish this post with:

“I hope you like these pieces of advice on how to promote yourself using learning as a tool. If you’d like to learn more, you should read our blog on online marketing. I find this post particularly relevant”

Easy, right? Now buckle up! The next post is the last lesson of the course! Time flies...