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Wouldn’t it be great if your subscribers also helped promote your course? Well, for some of our courses that is actually the case. I now present to you the recipe on how to make your subscribers become your ambassadors:

  1. Write a great course that the subscribers actually benefit from.

  2. Ask them to share your course.

  3. Provide them with a frictionless path to do step two.

As mentioned earlier I find Sharelinkgenerator the perfect tool for this but you could take it one step further by adding a mail to-link. You can easily create one using this tool.

Once again I will illustrate by taking this very course as an example (note that I have had two proofreaders to make sure I’ve passed step 1):

“Thank you for taking my meta-course about how to create a course for Daily Bits Of. If you like it I would be super-happy if you shared the course with people who might benefit from it. Click here to do so on Facebook, here to share on Twitter and here to do so via email”.