There are so many dos and don’ts with online dating, and unfortunately there’s no exception when you come to uploading a picture. I’ve simply listed the most important dos and don’ts, so be sure to read this before you get the camera out or upload that selfie.


  • Get 2 or 3 attractive photos

  • Include a headshot

  • Include a body shot

  • Get professional photos

  • Smile

  • Wear red (women only)

  • Caption your photos

  • Use a self-timer

  • Get an opinion from a friend


  • Post selfies

  • Upload group photos

  • Upload pictures of your children or animals

  • Post shirtless photos

  • Post bathroom selfies

  • Post pictures of your ex

  • Post pictures of other women/men

  • Post old photos

  • Hide your face or wear sunglasses

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