Welcome to day three of my ten day course on goal setting.

You now know about SMART and DUMB goal. Today I will show you a system that I have created, which I have named the DUMB SMART system. As you probably have guessed it will include both DUMB and SMART goals.

But first, let`s do a quick...


The advantage with DUMB goals is that you are able to set BIG goals and push yourself out of the comfort zone. But the downside is that you might be setting your goals way too high.

The advantage with SMART goals is that you have proven step-by-step system to set and reach realistic goals. The downside of using SMART goals is that you will set goals that are too realistic.

The DUMB SMART system

This system can be used in ANY area, from losing 13 pounds in 29 days without starving (yeah, I actually did that) to becoming  a world kickboxing champion.

The key to this system consists of two words: reverse engineering.

First you set your big hairy goal using the DUMB goal approach. Then you break that big goal down into small goals, where each small goal is a SMART goal.


You break the DUMB goal down into X amount of SMART goals.

DUMB goal = SMART goal 1 + SMART goal 2 + SMART goal 3 + SMART goal 4 + SMART goal 5 + SMART goal 6

So even though you have set a DUMB goal, you will have analysed and broken it down into 6 realistic SMART goals.

Today´s task:

- Download my DUMB SMART system template (that I normally only give to my coaching clients). Click here to download the DUMB SMART system template.
- Take 5 minutes and fill in the goal (big hairy goal). 

Pink Elephant Task:
Okay, since you probably know by now that I have a soft spot for action takers. I will reward people who are willing to take action.

So here`s the deal: Send me your completed DUMB SMART system template and you might win a 30 minute free coaching session with me on Skype (normally priced at $100). Each month I will randomly pick one winner. 

Just take a photo of your filled out DUMB SMART system template with your phone and send the picture to [email protected] with the topic "Pink Elephant Task". 

Do it now.

In the next lesson we`ll talk about the thee golden questions.

Talk soon,