In today’s lesson I will be talking about some actions that can totally ruin your goal setting.

The human species is in general lazy. Most people, including myself, are interested in achieving the best results with the least amount of effort. That is also a rather smart approach (I said we were lazy, not dumb.)

The reason for us to start and actually complete a certain type of action is based either on the avoidance of pain or the pursuit of pleasure.

Studies have shown that the avoidance of pain is the strongest motivation of the two factors.

So when it comes to actions, we are kind of simple creatures.

For instance, let’s say that my girlfriend told me to vacuum-clean our apartment. I would probably not do it, at least not right away. Two things could happen:

1. She would continue to ask me to do it (nagging me, but I could tolerate that
2. She would perhaps be so fed up by nagging at me, that she would just do it herself (yes, I would indeed be able to handle that consequence as well)

So If I didn’t see the pleasure in having a vacuum-cleaned apartment, and I could stand the pain (consequences) if I didn`t perform the action, the action would not be performed.

Today´s task:

It´s time for reflection. Think about the goals you have set for yourself. Do you know any actions that will sabotage your chances of reaching that goal? 

- Write down those actions on a blank sheet of paper

Once you know the obstacles that lies ahead, it will be easier for you to find away a way around and 
continue your journey towards reaching your goal.

In the next lesson we`ll talk about the real recipe behind reaching a goal.

Talk soon,