Note: This is an article I wrote that was originally published on Time Management Ninja.

In the last session we talked about reviewing the goals you didn`t achieve last year, and finding the real reason why you didn`t.

The thing is that your WHY is an essential and very powerful ingredient. Look at yourself as car. Your goal is to move from point A to point B. 

Look at your WHY as the fuel in the car. No fuel, no progress towards your point B (goal).

Now, with the exercise you did yesterday we continue.

1. Create your goals for this year
Write down your list of the most important goals (7-10 rankings) that you want to achieve this year. You can add the goals from your missed last year list, as long as they are ranked between 7 and 10.

You have now completed the list of the most important goals for this year.

2. Find your “why”
Studies have shown that the main reason people reach their goal, is that they have a really strong why. The stronger the desire, the higher the chance of reaching the goal. When you feel like quitting, your why will be your inner power that keeps you going.

Write down a strong why behind every single goal you want to reach this year. If you can’t find a strong why behind the goal, the goal is probably not that important to you, and you should consider finding another goal.

Be realistic. If you only reached 5/20 of your most important goals this year, you probably won’t be able to reach 15/20 the next year, unless you suddenly have a lot more time, or you start delegating or outsourcing.

Today´s task:

- Write down your goals for this year
- Write down a strong WHY behind each goal

In the next lesson we’ll wrap it up by planning for our goals and seeing what we can do in order to stay focused for a longer period of time.

Talk soon,