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Who is Tor?

When I grew up my parents always told me that it`s important to be polite and have proper manners. This means that I should introduce myself. I don`t want my mother to find out that I didn`t ;) Here we go...

I'm Tor Refsland and I live in Norway. When I`m not wrestling with polar bears and swimming with penguins, I spend my time hacking productivity and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. And I did something really crazy.

I decided to leave my six-figure corporate job in order follow my passion - to help online entrepreneurs skyrocket their productivity and crush their goals, so they can grow their business.

Does this course really work?

I have been studying goal setting for a long time, and I have probably tested most of the goal setting systems under the sun. And I have condensed everything I know about goal setting, that I have tested myself, into this course...

how cool is that?

I am going to teach you the exact system that I have used crushing my goals over the last decade.

Here are a few of the accomplishments I`ve achieved by using this system:

  • Bought the first apartment at the age of 23 years old, and the first vacation house in Thailand at the age of 24 (has been sold)

  • Black belt in WTF Taekwondo in 2.5 years by only training 2 times a week (average time is 3-3.5 years)

  • Became a store manager with IT responsibility for the biggest martial arts distributor in the country of age 22, and became the head of logistics for the same company of age 24

  • Decided to become a SAP-consultant, and was headhunted 1.5 years later to work as System Administrator(SAP) for one of the biggest companies the country

  • Tripled the income within 5 years

  • Mentored others

  • Increased my productivity by 200 %

  • Has spoken on stage in front of 3000 people in Nice

  • Built a distribution network of 1500+ people under 2 years

  • I convinced my company to cover my first car, a BMW 320d, when no one else could

  • Met my girlfriend and future wife

  • Earned into the six figures

  • While working full-time, managed to increase my earnings through a side business by $53.500

  • Lost 13 pounds in 29 days without starving

  • Went on a voluntourism trip to Guatemala and helped building a bottle school

  • Escaped the rat race in order to follow my dream and start my own company

  • Got 2000 targeted Twitter followers in 38 days (free traffic)

  • Wrote a post that generated 20 231 page views in 6 days

  • Managed to cancel a renting contract, get a bank loan and buy a new apartment in 3 days

  • Won “Most Epic blog post” on Jon Morrow`s blog Boost Blog Traffic

  • By setting goals and being productive I managed to DOUBLE my email list in 60 days

  • Included among the top 100 personal development blogs on 99 Smart Ideas

I don`t mention this to brag, but to show you that it IS possible.

If I can do it by following this system, then guess what?

So can YOU!

Note: I could easily have charged $79 for this course, but you will get it for free. In return, I ask of you to actual IMPLEMENT the steps, so you can get some REAL RESULTS from this course.

Sounds fair? 


What will this course include?

During our two weeks together we will talk about DUMB goals, SMART goals, the three golden questions, etc. You get the picture – there will be a lot of goal-talk. 
Every now and then I will provide you with goal setting templates, and yes can share them with coworkers.

At the end of each lesson is a task called "
Today´s task" (yeah, very original, I know.) I would STRONGLY recommend you to complete the task each day. This will make sure that you are on track to crush your big hairy goals this year.

In one of the lessons I will add a special task for the day. I will call it the "
Pink Elephant Task" (hah, you see, I can be creative.) This task might have a big reward, if you complete it. 

In addition, I will have a
cool secret surprise for you at the end of this course. No it`s not a picture of a pink unicorn on a magical meadow beneath a rainbow. Hmm...that might be something my baby daughter, Luna, might enjoy, though.

You might try to twist my arm as much as you want, but I still won`t tell you what the surprise is ;)

So stay tuned.

But let’s start with our first lesson: DUMB goals.

When I discovered the DUMB goals approach, it was a total GAME CHANGER. You have probably heard about the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based) goals approach. It seems that in some cases SMART goals are dumb and DUMB goals are smart (yeah, it`s little tongue twister, I know).

Now, there are several positive benefits regarding SMART goals but sometimes SMART goals approach can function as a straightjacket because:

  • No need for you to push yourself outside the COMFORT ZONE to discover unknown territory

  • No need for you to gain EXPERIENCE and personal development

  • No need for you to realize that you actually can do BETTER than you THOUGHT

Try setting a DUMB goal

DUMB stands for:

  • Dreaming: what would you like to achieve if anything was possible?

  • Uplifting: the goal should give you a positive feeling

  • Massive cojones: Sometime it is important to have the guts and courage to do whatever it takes to reach your goal, no matter what the risk of failing is, as long as it is worth it

  • Barely attainable: The best thing is that it forces you to stretch higher than your normally would and thereby grow your potential

Today´s task:
- Download my DUMB goals template (that I normally only give to my coaching clients). Click here to download.
- Take 5 minutes and fill in your DUMB goal (big hairy goal). 

In the next lesson we´ll talk about SMART goals.

Talk soon,


P.S. Remember. Rome wasn’t built by using the SMART goals approach.