Why break a winning habit? We love bite sized learning and hope you do to.

We’re constantly creating more courses based on science and topics we love. Here are our two most recent:

“Daily bits of Lean In”
This is not a course in gender equality, nor is it a life changing newsletter. This is merely our tribute to Sheryl Sandberg and her book Lean in, a honest and comprehensible book about women in the workforce. Each morning you’ll get a short text inspired by what you can read in Lean in.
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For centuries humans have viewed creativity as a personality trait that only a few people possess. Some of us just weren’t cut out to be creative. Well now you know that’s just a bunch of flapdoodle. Research from the field of creativity is clear: creativity is something that you do, not something you are.

Creativoly is 30 insights about creativity. During your month with Creativoly you will get fact, quotes and a few challanges that could help you become more creative.
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