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How to Cure Vacation Hangover

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September 01, 2016

Few people have the same beneficial vacation law as us Swedes do (five to seven weeks paid vacation every year).

Taking a vacation does wonders for your productivity, despite how you may feel when you go back to work. Still, getting back from just a few weeks of R&R can be tricky. It’s hard not to dread going back to work-mode after you’ve had a relaxing vacation. You go from unstructured fun time to structured work time. From spending time outside to being cooped up in an office. From spending time with family and friends to spending half your day fending off emails and paperwork.

Even if you love your job, the task of getting back to work after a vacation is rarely fun. 

We've partnered with time management experts and health coaches to bring you the best plan that will smooth out the transition from all play to all business. And it will only take 10 minutes a day.

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