Behind a successful implementation is a committed project team. Even when the system supplier provides a project manager and IT specialists throughout the process, the key factor behind a successful project is often the actions of the customer. Important roles in a team include: 

Project Manager

At the heart of coordinating the project, good at planning and following up. Has the mandate to make decisions. Can be an internal or an external person.


Acting as experts with hands-on knowledge, excel in anything from salary data to performance management. In small to average sized projects they often also hold the above-mentioned role as Project Manager.

Technical Expert

The IT guru of the organisation, with focus on integrations and security. Need for frequent accessibility in order to keep the project moving forward and a will to communicate with their peers over at the system providers.

If you were to put a project team together today, what would it look like?

Kind Regards,

Ellen Widmark

Verismo Systems