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Idiots are invincible - Part 1


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February 04, 2018

Do you feel stressed out often? Do others anger and annoy you?

This is a bite-sized adaptation of Dr Ro's brilliant book  Idiots are invincible: The fool-proof Ro method for solving problems, dealing with challenges - and enjoying the process.  

It provides practical information that will help you improve your life or... change your perception of your life.


Who are the idiots? This is one of the few questions in the world that most people agree on its answer: The others, of course! Managers, colleagues, teachers, spouses, mothers-in-law and anyone else who does not behave properly (i.e., the way we would like them to)

Time to realize that, if we ask certain others, you may be the idiot in their lives!

Idiotic thinking. Time to also realize that, all too often, we are the idiots for ourselves! Our own irrational thoughts and beliefs create problems to ourselves and to those around us.

There is hope. The fool-proof ‘Ro’ method can help you become a professional problem solver, and deal effectively with annoying people, situations, and your own thoughts.


A day with Don Stressote. Join in the adventures of Don Stressote, a modern-day Don Quixote de la Mancha, and a ‘Ro’ method graduate. Watch Don deal effectively with other idiots (drivers, managers, colleagues, clients, friends and relatives), as well as with the most difficult person among all - himself.

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Stay smart and different! 

The president of the Idiots Club

Dr Ro

(Cartoons: Dr L. Lazouras, K. Papantoniou)

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