Congratulations for completing Part 1 of the daily bits of Idiots are invincible (the boring theory part). 

If you enjoyed it, I invite you to review Part 2 (the fun part). 

If you haven't,  download the free Funbook companion to the book and

In Part 2 we will explore specific applications of the Ro method in selected scenarios. 

Don Stressote, a modern-day Don Quixote and a Ro method graduate, will serve as the model, altruistically putting himself to the test during the course of a day. 

We will observe how Don applies the theory you have been reading about in Part 1. 

Having mastered the learnings of the previous chapters, Don will face signs and wonders, maybe even… blunders, but will come out smelling like a rose. 

He will successfully fight road traffic, confront annoying others, and deal with perhaps the most difficult person of all: himself and his irrational thoughts!

Let us spend a day with Don. 

Move on Sancho Panza, watch and learn.

The president of the Idiots Club,

Dr Ro, Idiots are Invincible

(Don Quixote clipart: izakowski/yaymicro.com)