You have finally arrived at work. This is a long-awaited moment, right?

Not true? If you are not delighted you have arrived at the office, kindly allow me to remind you that you have the usual two choices:

  1. Problem-focused approach. You have to find ways to make the specific job more pleasant, or you have to find another, more pleasant job.

  2. Appraisal-focused approach. If you cannot change your job, you might need to change the way you see it (i.e., your attitude towards your job).

No time to lose

To continue wasting half of your waking hours (8 out of 16) or one third of your entire life in a job that you dislike or where you feel you are not appreciated and treated the way you deserve, in my opinion, is a big mistake. For this reason, I regularly advise young people to choose their future occupation based on their personal preferences and not the wishes of their father, their auntie, or their social environment.

I also remind them, that, even if they willingly select an activity that they may later find unsatisfactory, they always have the right to change – both their opinion and their profession. Here is where the old adage “better late, than later” applies. Besides, according to statistics, we may change three to five jobs and an equal number of professions during our lifetime. 

Improve yourself

Two possible areas for intervention here:

  • Improve your skills, in order to expand your opportunities in your field of work and other areas of your life, such as interpersonal relationships or self-esteem.

  • Improve your attitude towards your job (and toward life in general).


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