A lot of people complain about the conditions in their life, often with good cause. 

“How can I be happy in the morning when …” and they describe what is happening to them.


While having breakfast, pick the morning newspaper, suggested Og Mandino. In particular, flick through the pages and scan the obituaries: if your name is not listed there, you have every reason to be happy! Some others were not so lucky today.

Be assured that the deceased would give … well, their lives to change places with you! 

My good friend Jim Papanikolaou once said, “Not only would I give everything I own, I would even work 10 years for free for them [the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit].” He should know; he suffered leukaemia a few years ago - and survived. 

"No one is indispensable … that is why the graveyards are full!" – Charles de Gaulle

It is a wonderful day to be alive

Don takes a deep breath and exclaims with enthusiasm: “It is a wonderful day to be alive!” 

If you disagree, try missing one...


Putting things in perspective is a very useful technique, particularly if there is not much you can do to change the conditions. 

Your situation may be difficult, but it could be worse. I hope you are not incurably ill, you are not serving life imprisonment, and that someone – just one person, your dog, your pet canary or the jasmine plant on your balcony – still loves you.  


Examine what you can do to change the things you find unsatisfactory. Start with what annoys you when you wake up.

Dr Ro, Idiots are Invincible