Another day in your life is coming to a close. Was it a good day? 

If not, you may feel like visiting the local patisserie on your way home. We need some pleasure, after all. 

Well, I have good news for you: Cakes, sweets, and sugar do not build up fat.

Yes, you heard me right. These do not build up fat …

- YOU do!

“It’s not my fault. The flying cheesecake landed in my mouth, and I swallowed it unwittingly” you may utter. Not true.

We choose what we eat

Except, much like a muscle, our will power is depleted at the end of the day. Even Don can’t say “no” to freshly baked cakes when they beckon him provocatively. If you have trouble saying “no” to treats, alter your normal route. Avoid passing near bakeries and fast-food restaurants. You will significantly reduce the likelihood of running into ambushes by ground-to-mouth-to-stomach flying cheesecake or hamburger missiles.

First diet your house

When shopping be aware: most of the food you have in your house will eventually end up in your stomach. If you wish to lose weight, ensure you ask your friends and relatives for their support: 

“Dear mum, if you really love me the way you say you do, don’t fill up the house with unhealthy foods.” 

"Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!" – Elizabeth Berg


Select a fitness or weight loss application of your preference. For example, better me or the “Virtual nagging wife” (or a similar “nagging husband” app). In the latter, the wife-avatar will pop up at key times (e.g., before lunch) to remind you: “Watch what you eat honey, you did promise to lose weight, didn’t you. I love you.” Share the experience with a friend. 

Dr Ro, Idiots are Invincible