Here’s another tip from blogger and simple living guru Robert Wall. This strategy could both be seen as an “organize” as well as a strategy for “maintaining”.

I think a lot of people are thinking more of losing weight, exercising, staying healthy, and all that sort of thing these days. The biggest key to simplifying is planning and just getting your head around what needs to be done. I’ve said this a few different times: if you don’t know what you’re going to have for dinner by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, odds are good you’re going out to eat junk! Take a little bit of time earlier on in the day to plan things out. A lot of times the healthy stuff is the frugal stuff. A little bit of planning can make that more accessible to the average person.

Your task
Start by writing down three simple dishes that you love to cook and/or eat. Then ask a friend, spouse or family member to do the same. Then ask a co-worker, or why not ask your friends on Facebook. By doing this you will have a list of at least nine easy to cook recipes. For the upcoming week you should plan on cooking at least three of these.

For more smart advice check out Robert’s podcast Minimalist for the rest of us!

Have a great day!

Mohamed Tohami, Midway Simplicity