We can choose what we want to do with our time. Do you devote all your spare time to washing and cleaning or watching TV? All of this is up to you. Are you working double shifts to make ends meet? Well then it’s a bit tougher, but there are still gaps.

You need to take control of your time (you can also get more time, but that is a whole different story).

Certainly family time is important, but perhaps not to the extent that you become totally absorbed, and has no time for your personal interests.


Take out your notebook, pencil and eraser. Open a spread. Draw a circle on the left side. In general, how is your time spent? Draw pieces of cakes for every part of your life. Erase and repeat until you are satisfied. This may involve:

  • Sleep

  • Exercise

  • Work

  • Housework

  • Entertainment

  • Children

  • Silence

  • Etc.

Then draw another circle on the right side and draw pieces of cakes as you would like to spend your time.

What areas need to change?

"If you cannot control your time, you cannot control anything at all" - Claus Moller

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